What role can youth play in conserving oil?

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You can try to avoid using your home's heating system, take shorter showers, and drive less.  When you have an errand, plan it on the same day and in the same geographic area so that you can save gas and your dependence on oil.

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One immediate solution is to use public transportation whenever possible or ride-share with friends and neighbors. If your community doesn't have good quality public transportation, write letters to your mayor and to the local council members and attend council meetings to speak out on the importance of safe, clean, low carbon footprint public transportation. Besides this, you might become an engineer, mathematician, or scientist and add to the next generation of thinkers who will tackle this challenge.

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Experiment! Build a solar powered motor.  No, it won't replace your car, but eventually it might.  The world needs new creative solutions to its problems.  Being young grants you the time to play while learning, which may lead you down the road to making the critical improvement in some process or device which could revolutionize transportation, for example.

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Young people can help in the conservation of oil in a number of ways. First, when attempting to get from one place to another, they can consider alternate forms of transportation besides those that require gasoline or other petroleum-based fuel sources. On college campuses, young people can walk, skateboard, or bike to class instead of driving.

If a young person must drive to a destination, he/she might consider sharing a ride with someone who is going to the same place. If two to four people are going to the same place, the group should take the car that gets the best mileage per gallon and then the passengers can contribute to the gas money.

If a young has to drive on the highway, then they should not travel more than about 60 miles per hour, as fuel efficiency decreases dramatically when cars travel faster than this rate.

If a student is thinking about buying a car, they should purchase a vehicle that gets good gas mileage. There's no need to buy an SUV unless a person is going to be transporting a large amount of equipment or personnel on a frequent basis.

Finally, young people should encourage their parents and relatives also to follow the above-mentioned practices. At this point in time, a young person's parents or relatives probably have the greatest cash reserves and are therefore in the best position to purchase a car. Urge them to purchase a car that gets good gas mileage.


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