What role does Big Brother play within the novel? What effect does he have on Winston? Is Winston’s obsession with Big Brother fundamentally similar to or different from his obsession with O’Brien?

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Big Brother is the ominous and omniscient entity who is implied to be the leader of the Party and, by extension, the ruler of Oceania. It is not made clear whether Big Brother is a single person or a group of people, and oftentimes it is even implied that "Big Brother" is illusory in nature. Rather than an actual person or group, Big Brother may simply be the name for the all-seeing surveillance system that constantly watches the populace.

Winston's obsession with Big Brother is one that revolves around hatred and resentment. Winston feels that the only way that he will ever become a complete human is by overcoming it. It is, in fact, this obsession that in turn leads to his obsession with O'Brien . Winston sees O'Brien as his only hope for an ally who can help him get what he wants. Winston does not seem to be entirely sure what his objective is. All he knows is that O'Brien may be his only chance to find some form of meaning in the world. This becomes tragically ironic when it is...

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