What is the role of alveoli in the process of gas exchange?its for my biology project. so i need an answer as soon as possible. thankyou!

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bridgetrbcs eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In answer to your question, the aveoli are little sacs in your lungs that appear like clusters of grapes.  They have a very important part in the respiratory system. 

When you breathe in air, it flows through your airways into your lungs and eventually reaches the aveoli.  The aveoli act as a filter for your lungs.  They allow oxygen to enter the bloodstream in order to flow to all other parts of your body and the aveoli separate out the carbon dioxide to be sent back out of your body as you exhale.

Therefore, the aveoli have a very important job in your respiratory system.  Without them the air we breathe in would be useless to us because we would not be able to separate and transfer the oxygen to our bloodstream.

sandali | Student

The alveoli are tiny air pockets, which have elastic walls consisting a single, thin cell layer or epithelium which makes gaseous exchange possible. Around the alveolus is a very dense network of cappilaries which provide an excellent blood supply. The alveoli is provided with deoxygenated blood from the pulmonery artery and when the blood leaves the alveolus, it is oxygenated and is carried away to the pulmonery vein.

There are about 700 million alveoli in man's lungs witha total absorbing surface of about 70-80 square metres. The lining of alveoli is covered witha thin film of moisture, which allows the diffusion of oxygen to the blood and carbon dioxide into the alveolus.

Supported by these adaptations, alveoli carries a major role in the exhange of gases, allowing carbon dioxide to diffuse out and oxygen to diffuse into the blood. So, the role of alveoli is very important in gaseous exchange.

afxghfdx | Student

They are bunches of minute air pouches.

They contain the air withini them and when the deoxygenated blood reach there they supply oxygen so that the blood get oxygenated. This oxygenated blood then again via the heart flows to whole body supplying each nad every cell oxygen for metabolism. 

angelbratz | Student

alveoli are tiny air pockets that look like a b unches of grapes....

the walls of alveoli are curved with tiny capillaries...