What is the role after the year 2000 of the non alignment movement?

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Since the Non-Aligned Movement developed in the gap between the US (and its allies) and the USSR (and its allies), it has had to find new purposes for its existence since the end of the Cold War. Generally its members have focused attention on issues of fighting poverty in the Third World, bringing attention to human rights abuses, and helping those nations harmed by globalization. Since it formed in distinction to two superpowers, and there is now only one superpower (the US), it has often aimed criticism as US action and policy in the world.

Specifically since 2000 the Non-Aligned Movement has criticized the US War on Terror. It has particularly criticized the invasion of Iraq, as well as the US stance on Iran and North Korea. In all three of these instances US action is viewed as infringing on these countries' sovereignty, and has charged some US actions in the War on Terror as human rights abuses.

Other issues the Non-Aligned movement has worked on are issues of protecting the rights of minorities around the world, promoting cooperation among states in the southern hemisphere, and improving rights and conditions for women around the world.

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