What is Robert's least favorite shaker law?

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In the book The Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck, Papa and Rob raise pigs to survive.  Rob has his own pet pig named Pinkey.  Rob and his family are Shakers have strict values and codes to live by.

In chapter 3 Rob is ready for two days off from school with no lessons and time outdoors.  He tries to get out of helping his dad fix things on the farm by limping but it doesn't work too well. Rob comments on humans being the only creatures that fence things off and his father explains to him that animals create fences in different ways.  They mark their territory by song or smell.  He also explains that fences help men bond together instead of separating them apart by helping one another protect what each has.

Mr. Tanner comes down the road ad gives Rob a piglet for his help at getting his new calves from the bull.  Rob’s father thanks him but explains it is not the way of Shakers to take a gift of frill for helping another.  The rule of the Shakers that Rob does not like is when he finds out that Pinky will have to be put into a pen and kept there.  He had wanted to have her sleep with Solomon and Daisy. 

“Can’t keep swine and kine under the same roof.” Says so in the Book of Shaker.”(24)

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