What is the rising and falling action of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

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In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I think you can point to several points across the plot for the rising action. At the point when we see Mitty's second day dream and he is a doctor, we are into the rising action. We have seen the first trigger that puts him into his dream world: a cranky, nagging wife: her introduction is what I would call the inciting incident. It begins the rising action. After his experiences as a doctor, we see continued rising action as the parking lot attendent catches him mid-daydream. Next, he tries to go buy whatever he was supposed to for his wife. He turns into a courtroom witness (daydream). Then he goes to buy a buscuit for the dog (real life). He then becomes a heroic bomber (daydream).

The climax occurs when he finally catches up with his wife again... the potential source of his need to daydream about being successful.

The falling action is fast in this one, she claims she is going to check into his health and goes into a store. He remains outside.


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