What is the rising action in Wilde's story The Happy Prince?

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The rising action in Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince occurs when the swallow meets the statue of the prince and they begin to perform good deeds together. The swallow was migrating to the Egyptian pyramids for the winter when he stopped to spend the night at the foot of the statue of the Happy Prince in the city of San Souci. It is quite a surprise for the swallow to feel tear drops from the prince’s eyes as he attempts to sleep at the foot of the statue. The two strike up a conversation and a friendship ensues as the Prince looks out over the city seeing misery and offering up the beautiful accoutrements of the statue to help the poor and down-trodden. The swallow carries the riches from the statue to those in need. One such action is when the swallow carries a ruby to a poor seamstress with a sick child. Not only does the swallow deliver the ruby but he fans the child with his wings, curing the boy’s fever. The pair carries out these tasks until the statue is stripped of its jewels and gold, and the swallow dies from the winter elements. From this point on the story reaches its climax and moves into its falling action.

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