What is the rising action of Through the Tunnel by Doris Lesing?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the short story “The Tunnel” a young boy, no longer a baby but coming into adolescence, has discovered that some of the native boys on the beach disappear in the water and later return.  He is alone with his mother so he decides to investigate.  He follows the boys and sees them going through an underwater tunnel to some other place.  He challenges himself to go through the tunnel, but when he tries he does not make it and has to turn back.

During the visit, the boy is determined to accomplish going through the tunnel.  He practices until it is his last day and chance at being able to get through the tunnel.  The rising action occurs when the boy is going through the tunnel.  The reader is aware that this is the boy’s last chance.  As the boy struggles to hold his breath and swim through the tunnel the rising action is occurring with the climax occurring when he finally makes it through the tunnel.

elmoverlord | Student

The falling action of the story occurs right after Jerry has made it through the tunnel. As he is resting from his feat, he see the native boys diving but no longer has an interest in them. He accomplished something without his mom and pushed through some of his childish ways.

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