What is the rising action for Romeo and Juliet?

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Rising action is the events between the exposition and climax of a story.  The climax is the turning point, or the most exciting point.  The rising action is a series of events that develop the plot and revolve around the initial conflict and other conflicts that appear.

To find the rising action, first you must identify the climax.  In Romeo and Juliet, much of the story revolves around Romeo and Juliet’s secret love for each other and their desire to find a way to be together.  The climax of the story is when Romeo kills Tybalt in a duel and is banished.  From this point on, Romeo and Juliet have a big problem, because Romeo cannot stay in Verona.

The rising action centers mostly around Romeo and Juliet.  When they meet at the ball, that is an important event leading us toward the climax.  The large street duel where the Prince decrees that any more duelers will be banished is also rising action, it leads directly to the climax.  When Romeo and Juliet profess their love for one another, that is part of rising action.  So just about everything that happens in Act I and the beginning of Act III is your rising action.

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