What is the rising action, climax, and falling action in Gathering Blue?

rere0214 | Student

Exposition- Kira's mother dies and she is the watcher for her in The Field. Now, Kira is all alone because her father was killed by beasts and now her mother died. After watching her mother, Kira tries to rebuild her hut with Matt after the council burned it down. The women in the village do not think that Kira should be living with her messed up leg and they try to take Kira's land and kill Kira.

Rising Action- Kira and one of the women named Vandara, go to court about Kira's land and a council guardian defends Kira to take her in as a designer for the Singer's Robe. Kira goes with Matt to Annabella's house to learn how to dye threads and repair and make the Singer's Robe. Kira becomes friends with the talented carver name Thomas that is her age. When Kira is walking to Annabella's house, she says she heard beasts, but Annabella says that there is no such thing as beasts. Later when Kira tells Jamison about Annabella saying that there are no beasts, Matt tells Kira that he saw Jamison drag Annabella to the forest. Thomas hears a child crying in the floor under him and Kira, Thomas, and Matt explore and find out a tyke named Jo is being forced to sing for Jamison. After awhile Kira and Thomas notice that Matt has disappeared and they find out that he went to go and find blue for a present for Kira and Thomas.

Climax- During The Gathering Kira and Thomas see Matt with the color blue in his hand and later find out that Matt brought Kira's "supposed to be dead" father.

Falling Action- Kira's father tells Kira about Jamison trying to kill him and how he got saved by people from another village and cared for because he became blind after the attack.

Resolution- Kira's father asks Kira to come with him to the village that saved him, but Kira declines because she wants to rewrite a new future for the village with her designs on the new robe.

mkcapen1 | Student

There are several sets of rising, climax, and falling action in the story Gathering Blue. In the beginning of the book Kira's mother dies and when Kira tries to rebuild a home/cott on her mother’s site, she is challenged by another woman for the site.  The woman reports her and she has to await a trial to see if she will be allowed to live because she has a bum leg and foot that is painful and useless.  As she begins the trial the action begins to climb.  The climax is that she is found to have talent in weaving and is allowed to live but will not have her land.  The falling action occurs when she is learns she will have a new place to live and is taken to nicer quarters than she has ever had before.

The second set comes when Kira begins to find it suspicious that she, a gifted weaver, Thomas, a gifted carver, and Jo, a small tyke and a gifted singer, have all had their parents die and are taken to live under Jamison's care.  She knows they are each being pressured because of their gifts.  She and Thomas sneak around at night to try and find out the secret.

On the day of the gathering Kira attends but looks for her friend Matt.  She sees him in the crowd.  He sneaks to her room later with a blind man whom they hide.  The climax occurs when she learns that he is actually her father who had been left for dead in the field after Jamison had attacked him and blamed it on the beats.  She also puts things together and realizes that the singer is shackled ad kept as a prisoner and that Jo, Thomas, and Kira are also prisoners under different circumstances.

The falling action occurs when she decides to remain and rewrite the village's future on the singer's robe in hopes that it will lead to a better life for the citizens.