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What is the rising action, climax, and resolution of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables?

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Les Misérables is actually a lot of little stories all rolled into one; therefore, the plot structure will be different per story. However, Jean Valjean is without a doubt the hero of our story, making the story essentially about his story of redemption. Therefore, since we are limited to space, below is a discussion of some of the elements of plot structure surrounding the story of Jean Valjean.

The rising action characterizes any event in the story that leads up to the climax. The novel certainly is a huge book, and there certainly are many events pertaining to the rising action. One of the most important moments of rising action is the moment that Valjean receives forgiveness and redemption from the Bishop of Digne . This is the most driving moment in the story, leading up to all other plot and character development. The...

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you can watch the le's miserables /ang pangarap ni cosette at youtube or the theater play at youtube just type it and search for it! it's a great story and so touching!

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