What is the rising action in the book Lord of the Flies?

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Rising action occurs from the exposition of the story to the most intense pinnacle of the story, the climax; the rising action usually involves a series of linked events which challenge the protagonist and brings the characters closer to the climax.  During Lord of the Flies, the rising action begins as Ralph blows the conch and the boys begin to assemble for their first meeting.  The rising action continues though the early chapters, focusing on the boys' concerns about hunting, rescue, and the beast.  The rising action continues all the way through the novel until the pivotal moment, the climax, which is Ralph's frantic chase through the woods by the hunters. 

Key Events in the Rising Action:

Calling of the first meeting

The boys' accidental setting of the mountain on fire

Jack and the hunters kill the first pig

Jack breaks Piggy's glasses

The appearance of the beast on the mountain side

Jack leaves Ralph's tribe and the hunters defect

The brutal killing of the sow and the 'gift' for the Beast

Simon encounters the Lord of the Flies

Simon is killed during the boys' dance

Jack steals Piggy's glasses

Piggy, Ralph, Samneric go to confront the hunters

Roger kills Piggy

Jack attacks Ralph and organizes a hunt to kill him


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