What is the rising action in "All My Sons"?

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The rising action in All My Sons begins with the arrival of Anne Deever to the Keller home.  During the night, the tree that was planted in the yard in memory of Larry, who is missing in action in WW II, falls down in a terrible storm.

Kate Keller believes that this is a message from the universe that her son is still alive.  The rest of the family cannot convince her that Larry is gone.  Kate insists that Larry will come back and with that in mind refers to Anne as Larry's girl.

We also learn of the event that occurred in Joe Keller's factory that led to both he and Steve Deever being found guilty and put in jail.  Faulty airplane parts were shipped to the military which resulted in the deaths of several pilots. 

Joe gets out of jail by implicating Steve as being solely responsible for making the decision to ship the faulty parts.  He claims that he was home sick the day that Steve made the fatal decision. Everyone believes Joe, he is free while Steve is still in jail.  Anne has not spoken to her father.

Chris is in love with Anne, and knows that Kate Keller will never accept them as a couple.  Chris discusses the fact that George Deever, Anne's brother is visiting his father in prison.  George calls to tell his sister that he is coming to the Keller's for a visit.

Kate Keller tries to convince Anne to go home with her brother.  Anne wants Chris to tell his mother that they plan to marry.  Anne says that she doesn't want to leave unmarried again.


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