The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis

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What is the rising action?

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I would say that the rising action occurs when By is set by his parents to Burmingham to live with his grandmother . This move sets the stage for the action that is to follow, that is, moving By away from himself and his narrow world and locating him into the consciousness of the civil rights movement.

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garrison007 | Student

The Rising Action is the actions or events that occur that

lead up to the climax.Where the suspense builds up and the

character struggles to find a answer to the problem. Its when

the conflict begins to unfold as the plot becomes more complex and problems and complications arise.

example:  In Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone, Harry Potter must go through a set of tasks to reach where the Sorcerer Stone is hidden, where he will have the final battle. These are the actions leading up to the climax where Harry   must face the thief who is trying to get the stone.


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