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Which of the following does NOT affect productivity?

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Of the options given here, the last one is the only one that would not directly affect productivity.  All of the other options could affect productivity in one way or another.  By contrast, analyzing a competitor’s operations would not affect your own productivity directly.

Productivity is defined as the ratio of outputs to inputs.  That is, it is a measure of how many outputs you can produce for each unit of input.  Productivity can be increased by ensuring that workers can work more efficiently, thus allowing them to make more units of output for every hour that they work.  The first four options to this question could all accomplish this.

Standardizing the work process would mean that it would be done the same every time and workers would know exactly what to do.  Designing a better workspace could make workers more efficient by making it so they did not have to spend time looking for things they needed or making unnecessary movements in a poorly designed space.  Computers and the Internet make it easier to do things like finding information or processing data.

By contrast, analyzing your competition does not change how efficient you are.  All it does is to help you understand whether your competition is doing better than you.  This does not immediately impact your own productivity.

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