What is the rhyming scheme and the tone of the poem

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I place the rhyme scheme next to each line of the poem. There isn't a standard rhyme scheme (it's not simple ABAB or anything), but it definitely has some rhymes and it certainly has some slant rhymes as well (see letter I).

A My country is for love
B so say its valleys
C where ancient rivers flow
D the full circle of life
E under the proud eye of birds
F adorning the sky.

B My country is for peace
G so says the veld
H where reptiles caress
H its surface
I with elegant motions
J glittering in their pride

k My country
L is for joy
I (slant rhyme) so talk the mountains
M with baboons
N hopping from boulder to boulder
O in the majestic delight
P of cliffs and peaks

K My country
Q is for health and wealth
R see the blue of the sea
S and beneath
T the jewels of fish
U deep under the bowels of soil
V hear
L the golden voice
W of a miner’s praise
K for my country

K My country
K is for unity
I feel the millions
I see their passion
N their hands are joined together
X there is hope in their eyes

Y we shall celebrate

by Sandile Dikeni

The tone of this poem is one of longing and pride. Clearly Dikeni is proud of her country--is sees the beauty in miner's and the wildlife, etc. However, she expresses a deep longing for everyone else in the world to see her country in the same way that she does. Beyond everyone seeing her country through her eyes, she also has a dream that someday the country will be united--"their hands are joined together--and that they will all be able to celebrate the beauty of the country together.

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