What rhymes with orange . . . or methaddictanation? 

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Orange: this is one of the most difficult words to rhyme. "Door hinge" comes close to rhyming with orange, but the "h" halts the complete rhyme. There is also a place in Wales, England called "Blorenge" which rhymes perfectly with orange. Blornege is a hill which overlooks the River Usk. So, you could rhyme these two as well: "I ate an orange / On the peak of Blorenge." 

"Sporange" is an alternative form of sporangium, which is a structure in which spores are formed. This rhymes perfectly with orange. 

"Methaddictanation," if this is a real word, has no clear rhyming words. So, the best bet to finding such a rhyme is to combine words. Let's say there is a country that is constantly at war. We might call such a violent place a "death-addicted nation." This comes close to rhyming with "methaddictanation." 

If this is a misspelling of "meth addiction," the prospects are a little better. It is tough because "meth" is difficult to rhyme, without resorting to surnames and place names. A writer who prides him/herself on the creative process might describe this process as "method fiction." Method fiction and meth addiction are quite close in terms of rhyming. 

There are surnames and place names to be found in rhyming difficult words. But the best strategy is to break the words down and instead of looking for a single word, look for word combinations to complete the rhyme. 

orange boring doring snoreing mourning loreing(if actual word) florance torrent warrent pouring roaring cottage forage horange