What is the rhyme scheme in the first stanza of "The Song Maker"? What is the figurative device used in the second stanza?

Expert Answers
gpane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rhyme scheme of the first stanza is ABCB - that is to say, the first and third lines rhyme while the second and fourth lines do not. This is sometimes called simple 4-line rhyme, and continues throughout the poem. 

The figurative device used in the second stanza is a metaphor. The speaker presents an image of herself as a weaver, just as in the first stanza she refers to herself as a song-maker. The central idea in both stanzas is the same: the sense that the speaker is a crafter of beautiful things, of romantic songs and pretty designs, inspired by the notion of love. However, there is also the sense that something vital was lacking in her work then, as the actual experience of love, which she sang about so blithely, she knew nothing about in reality. When she does experience love for the first time, she no longer needs to sing about it: 

And I who made so many songs

Am silent now.