What are the rhyme patterns and rhythmic techniques used in "My Papa's Waltz"?

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The metrical scheme of "My Papa's Waltz" is iambic trimeter. The lines are usually end-stopped.

The poem consists of four open quatrains, rhymed abab. In a few stanza you will find feminine rhymes and slant rhymes rather than true rhymes.

As many of Roethke’s poems, the rhythm deviates from the meter using several types of substitutions, including trochaic, spondaic, and anapestic. That means that although the majority of feet in the poem are iambs, in some places there are initial inversions (trochees in place of anapests), and in other places you will find a spondee or an anapest where you would expect an iamb. There is normally only 1 substitution per line.

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