What “revolutionary action” took place at the revival in "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"?

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The "revolutionary action" that took place was that the minister who was leading the revival, himself a member of the Church of God in Christ, was taking in members for other churches.  This action, which exemplified the Biblical essence of Charity, was unheard of, and was a "first look at Charity among preachers". 

The revival was attended by members of all the different denominations of black Christians in the town.  

"Everyone attended...members of the hoity-toity Mount Zion Baptist Church mingled with the intellectual members of the African Methodist Episcopal and African Methodist Episcopal Zion, and the plain working people of the Christian Methodist Episcopal.  These gatherings provided the one time in the year when all of those good village people associated with the followers of the Church of God in Christ".

After a rousing sermon on the nature of Charity, the minister asked those who felt the call to come forward and accept salvation.  He said that he was not recruiting members for the Church of God in Christ; rather, each person who would be saved should indicate which Church they would like to be affiliated with.  The minister's action was truly revolutionary in the spirit of tolerance and unity it demonstrated (Chapter 18).