What were the revivalists' ideas about the individual's reason for existence?

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Christian Revivalists believe that contemporary Christians should restore the presence of God in their lives. Christian Revivalism—especially during the Great Awakening era in the United States—grew out of a reaction to modernity. Some Christian leaders, particularly within the Protestant sect, saw the increasingly secular West as a departure from the ways of the Holy Bible.

Revivalists believe that the purpose of human existence is to practice the teachings of the Bible in their everyday life. Secondly, they believe that God gave human beings a purpose or mission on Earth, which is linked to reason why humans were created in the first place. The exact purpose is not laid out by revivalists, but they believe following the scriptures will lead to answers.

American revivalism, specifically from the Pentecostal tradition, emphasized on the metaphysical powers of the Holy Spirit. In practice, this meant adherents were encouraged to lead a life of righteousness as a form of purification, which revivalists believe would lead to salvation and divinity. This spiritual belief is similar to Buddhism's concept of nirvana, which could be reached by following the Middle Path and through yogic meditation.

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