What is Reverend Parris's relationship with the community in Act one of "The Crucible"? Where do you learn this information in the play?no

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Reverend Parris is not in good with the community.  They are angry with him, and he is pushy with them.

In Act I scene 1, Parris lashes out at Abigail for being caught in the woods and for what this will mean for his career as Reverand.  He specifically tells her that there are those in the community that would have him gone and that her behavior will be attached to him since they are related.

In Act II, scene 3, John Proctor tells Reverand Hale other things that have put Parris at odds with the community.  Parris wants gold candlesticks when the community felt that pewter would do.  There is an issue about what Parris is paid and how much firewood he is allowed--Parris obviously arguing for more and the community stating that he is already paid more than reverends in nearby parishes.  Proctor states to Hale that Proctor, "does not see the hand of God" in Parris which is why their youngest child has not been baptized by the reverend.