What does Reverend Parris suggest as the possible cause to Abigail being fired?

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Reverend Parris believes Abigail’s claim that she was fired because all Elizabeth Proctor wanted was a “slave” to do the housework. Abigail also describes Elizabeth as “cold and sniveling” making Parris think that Elizabeth is cruel and petty. Parris is, however, suspicious of Abigail’s story because she has been unable to find employment since being fired by Elizabeth.  Other households will have nothing to do with Abigail.  We know as readers that Abigail had an affair with John Proctor and that is why she was dismissed from the Proctor home. However, Parris is afraid of the gossip of witchcraft affecting him, and he doesn’t want another scandal to impact his position as the town minister, so he “believes” her and doesn’t question her any further.  We find out later in the story when John confesses that “he knew her” the real reason for Elizabeth kicking Abigail out. 

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