The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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What is Reverend Hale doing that brings hope? Why does Danforth suggest that Hale has been preaching in Andover?

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In act 4, Reverend Parris is feeling very nervous about the hangings that are scheduled to take place because of who is supposed to die: several upstanding, well-respected members of the community, unlike many of those of relatively ill-repute who have died before. He says,

Now Mr. Hale's returned, there is hope, I think— for if he bring even one of these to God, that confession surely damns the others in the public eye, and none may doubt more that they are all linked to Hell. This way, unconfessed and claiming innocence, doubts are multiplied, many honest people will weep for them, and our good purpose is lost in their tears.

He hopes that Mr. Hale will be able to get one of these people who are scheduled to hang to confess to witchcraft because this will give all of the convictions more credibility. Right now, the people in town doubt the guilt of those condemned because they are all claiming to be innocent, but if one...

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