What is Reverend Hale doing that brings hope? Why does Danforth suggest that Hale has been preaching in Andover?

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Reverend Hale is trying to protect the accused. He realizes the flaws of the court, and he suspects that the girls are misleading the judges and the townspeople. In Act III, he denounces the proceedings and disassociated himself with the court. Reverend Hale believes that God will judge a person less for lying to save their lives, than for forfeiting a good life for "pride." Therefore, Reverend Hale has been counseling townspeople against the courts, and counseling the accused to confess. He is trying to right a very wrong situation. Danforth wonders if he has been in Andover because there are rumors that Andover has overthrown the court. Danforth suspects that Hale may have something to do with that.