What is reveled about society in small town in U.S.A?

Expert Answers
Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Small Town USA is a microcosm of Big City USA.  Money is still power.  It covers a multitude of sins.

Keller is a successful manufacturer who, during the war, made faulty engine parts.  At first convicted, he was later exonerated and his partner bore the blame.  While only his partner told the truth, people believed Keller, because he had more power.  After Keller's release, they went on and socialized with him as if nothing happened.

Except that they all believed Keller to be the real guilty one.  But the court's exoneration allowed them to ignore his guilt and blame his partner. 

This explores the hypocrisy of Small Town USA.  While they decry the corruption of Big City, they themselves are guilty of the same things.

Also, in a way this play shows that all people have hidden battles.  All are in some way guilty of some type of dishonor.  We all blame it on others or on circumstances.  And the people around them will gladly accept this, if the person is someone whom they would like to socialize with.  We all make our compromises.