What are the significance of the revelations that arise as a result of the conflict in Salem?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the revelations that comes out of the conflict in Salem is the fundamental questioning of religious authority.  Miller does a great job of bringing out how the primary revelation of questioning the authority of the church leadership in Salem becomes one of the lasting legacies of Salem.  The rejection of Parris as church leader, something seen in the last act and in the epilogue of the drama, is significant in that the people of Salem end up rejecting the leadership of the church for their role in continuing the accusations.  Another significant revelation that transpires is that the people of Salem openly question their authority, something that is not as evident in the time prior to the conflict in Salem.  This questioning is something that is not entirely in the makeup in Salem, something that is brought out as a result of the trials.  The rebellion in Andover provides motivation for people in Salem to do the same, forcing the political authority to listen the demands of the people.  I think that this is significant as it reflects how the voice of public dissent becomes the only way for government to listen to the will of the people.