What is revealed about Simon is Chapter 3?

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"The Lord of the Flies" by William Golding is the story of a group of civilized boys who crash land on an island.  The pilot has died and there is no adult supervision on the island.  Ralph is a natural leader who begins to organize the others, Jack claims himself a hunter and organizes boys to help him hunt, and Simon is a follower who needs order to feel safe.  He quickly identifies Ralph is a leader and follows his guidance.

In chapter three of the book Jack had gone to hunt and Simon stayed back to help Ralph work on building huts.  Simon is the only one out of the group besides Ralph that has stuck with the building of the huts.  The others went to play or explore.  However, as evening draws near Simon is not in camp and the two boys discuss that he has gone off.  The reader learns that he wanders off sometimes.  The boys decide he is odd.  Simon is small and thin. He has long black hair.

Simon is very concerned about the Littlluns, the small children on the island.  He expresses concern about their crying in the night.  He takes them on a trek to find fruit and helps to feed them.  He then goes off to hide by himself for a while.  The reader learns that Simon is a caring person but he is also a loner who needs to get away from the others at times and connect with nature.  He has a special peace and goodness in his personality.