What is revealed about Hamlet's character in his seven soliloquies in Hamlet?    

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This is a really good question!  There are definitely dramatic elements about the soliloquies of Hamlet, some of the most famous language in all of Shakespeare's plays, that reveal aspects of Hamlet's character that his other text does not.

First, all the soliloquies are in verse.  This may seem obvious (We most often pay attention to the lines of verse in Shakespeare.), but, in actuality, the balance of Hamlet's text, at least through Act IV (when Hamlet is shipped to England), is in prose.

For Shakespeare, the choice to use verse or prose revealed a huge amount about the situation and state of mind of a character.  So, Hamlet's use of verse as he converses alone onstage with audience is meant, first of all, to show how beautifully lucid and deeply thoughtful Hamlet is about his life and situation.  This is meant to contrast with his putting on of an "antic disposition" and use of prose.

The use of verse in the soliloquies creates a sense of collusion between Hamlet and the audience. ...

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