What is Rev Parris's role throughout Act 3 of The Crucible? 

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I have edited your question because you asked two. You are only allowed one question per entry.

In Act III, I really start to get mad at Rev. Parris. Everything he says is accusatory, and the only thing he ever has to back any of it up is that John Proctor doesn't go to church regularly. So, this must make him a sinner.

Parris puts himself in the role of a self-appointed judgement. He does this with an accusing tone and he presumes it is his right to ask questions just like the magistrates. When Proctor presents information, if it feels like the magistrates might be swayed by it, Parris will smurk or smile as if to presume that they couldn't possibly believe such untruth... since it is a sinner telling it.

Parris almost tries to act like a DA or prosecuting attorney, although these cases didn't really include any attorneys. He has become a sarcastic person who has one goal in all of this: covering his own self and making sure he doesn't go down because witchcraft was in his house.


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