From Into the Wild, what is the Ruess family motto?

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Everett Ruess was another nomad who wrote of a connection to nature and eventually vanished into it. Krakauer makes comparisons with Chris's philosophies and explains how the two men are similar and different. While explaining Everett's life and family history, Krakauer makes note of the family motto:

[Stella Ruess] self-published a literary journal, the Ruess Quartette, the cover of which was emblazoned with the family maxim:"Glorify the hour."
(Krakauer, Into the Wild,

This is the sort of philosophy that would have appealed to Chris; the concept of living for the moment instead of worrying about the future, as well as the idea that the here-and-now is far more important than past or future events. Chris certainly attempted to glorify each and every one of his hours, making his journey a travelogue of events and people instead of long hours on the road. Chris would likely have approved of Everett's adventurous life, and it is possible (though unconfirmed) that Chris read about Everett and patterned parts of his philosophies after the earlier traveler.

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Glorify the hour

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