What is retail logistics?Is it similar to physical distribution?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Logistics is the function of making goods and other resources physically available for use as and when required. This generally includes two basic activities of moving or transporting these resources, and storing them at different location till required for use or further transportation. Logistics as applied to business is broadly divided in three section - incoming logistics, in-plant logistic and out-bound logistics.

The out-bound logistic is concerned with transportation of goods from a manufacturer to locations away from it. Mostly this is for the purpose of supplying the products manufactured to the customer. This aspect of logistics is also called distribution logistics. However the outbound logistics may also include other activities such as transportation of material from a plant to subcontractors for outsourced manufacturing.

Retailing is one of the activities within the overall distribution function. Thus we can consider retail logistic as one part of the physical distribution systems. The terminology of logistics and the boundaries between difference logistics activities are not very clearly defined or fixed. However, we can say that retail logistics includes transpiration of goods to the points of retail sales and storage there. It also covers any additional activities for door delivery of goods to the customers.

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