In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, what are the results of the first round of battle at Philippi, and who triumphs over whom?

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During the first week of October, Brutus's forces are faced against Octavian forces. Cassius's forces are faced against Antony's forces.

At first, Brutus pushes Octavian's forces back. He then entered his legions' camp.

Cassius forces faced Antony. Antony defeats Cassius and his forces. Cassius commits suicide due to hearing a false report that Brutus had been defeated by Octavian.

After Cassius commits suicide, Brutus rallies Cassius' forces and they go up against the enemy. The battle is considered a draw. Both armies order a retreat.

A second encounter, on 23 October, finished off Brutus's forces, and he committed suicide in turn, leaving the triumvirate in control of the Roman Republic.