What is the result of grendel's attack?

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davmor1973 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Grendel is a savage monster, an outcast brooding alone in his cavernous lair night after night. His heart is filled with loathing and rage for the Danes, their happy, drunken laughter invading the night air as they feast at Heorot. But Grendel's going to bide his time; he's going to wait until all the Danish warriors are sleeping off their celebrations. So at night, Grendel suddenly bursts into the great mead-hall and starts brutally attacking the warriors as they sleep. In a matter of moments, he's killed thirty Danes and dragged their butchered carcasses back to the depths of his cave.

Night after night he returns, killing yet more Danish warriors and wreaking merry havoc on Hrothgar's kingdom. After twelve years of almost ceaseless carnage, Heorot presents a truly pathetic sight. It stands empty, its battered, blood-drenched walls no longer resounding to the strains of joyful song and merry laughter. And the effect of Grendel's savagery upon the Danes, as a whole, is disastrous. All of their finest warriors have been killed, meaning that there's no one who could possibly defend the kingdom from attack, whether it's from Grendel or anyone else. Morale is at rock-bottom; the kingdom lies vulnerable to destruction. What the Danes need is a hero. A hero who will bravely do battle with the vile, wicked Grendel and destroy this blood-thirsty monster once and for all. What they need is Beowulf.

iklan100 | Student

''Beowulf'', set in Scandinavia, is one of the most important Old Anglo-Saxon heroic epics, and tells us about the adventures and deeds of Beowulf, the hero.

Beowulf is a Geat (a tribe or people) and is requested by the Danes to help them, as they are under attack by a terrible monster/creature called Grendel. Beowulf goes willingly in response to the Danes's king, Hroogar, and waits at night in the 'mead hall' (a place where the Danish warriors dwell and have their feasts etc) for grendel to make it's nightly attack. When Grendel finally arrives, Beowulf attacks it in return and chases it and slays/kills it.

This is the end of the first fight, that of Beowulf against the Grendel-- but he and the Danes have reckoned without Grendel's mother, an even more terrible monster, who now comes to exact revenge for the slaying of its child or offspring. When Grendel's mother also attacks the Danish mead hall, she is slain by Beowulf too, after a big fight. He is thus now the celebrated hero, the slayer of two evil monsters, famous and held in great reverence. After receiving popular acclaim and gifts from the Danes, Beowulf then returns to Geatland, in due course becoming the King of the Geats.