What restrictions were imposed on Jews' freedom in The Diary of Anne Frank? How did the law affect the Frank family?

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On June 20, 1942, Anne writes in her diary that her family's freedom began to be restricted in May of 1940, when Holland was captured by the Nazis. After that, Jews were required to wear yellow stars, and they were not allowed to travel using bicycles, street cars, or personal cars. The only way Jews could travel was on ferry. Jews had to carry out their shopping during a certain few hours of a day and could only use Jewish-owned barbershops. They also could not be out on the street at night or use any type of entertainment, such as movie theaters, tennis courts, or parks. They also could not visit non-Jews and had to attend Jewish schools. Despite these restrictions, Anne still tries to have fun with her friends. Eventually, Anne's father cannot work anymore and must stay at home. In July of 1942, after the Franks receive a "call-up" notice from the SS, the paramilitary organization of the Nazis, they go into complete hiding in an attic in Mr. Frank's office building. Their movements are now completely restricted.

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