What is 'Restoration comedy' ?

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A Restoration comedy is a form of comedy which flourished during the Restoration in England (1660-1700).

According to M. H. Abrams -

It deals with the relations and intrigues of men and women living in a sophisticated upper-class society, and relies for comic effect in large part on the wit and sparkle of the dialogue - often in the form of repartee, a witty conversational give and take which constitutes a verbal fencing match - and to a lesser degree, on the violations of social standards and decorum...

Actually, the common features are: witty dialogue, intrigues in the plot, and most importantly satirizing of that contemporary Restoration upper-class social system. William Congreve's The way of the Word is an excellent example of Restoration comedy, since it contains all the above characteristics.

But, above all, I would like to suggest you to go through the following link; it might help you.

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