In what respects is the way in which Jake "sees" others a reflection on himself in "The Sun Also Rises"?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jake finds the mistakes and shortcomings the others make easy to spot, but he fails to see in himself the same shortcomings. For instance, he sees Brett travel from one empty relationship to another, hoping that a miracle will occur and she will find inner peace. Jake realizes what she is doing, and the futility of such actions, yet he is unable to see the same traits in himself. He desperately wishes there was a way to be with Brett, yet there is not. He tortures himself by spending time with her, and it always ends with her going off with another man. He inflicts pain on himself, again and again.

Jake is also critical of Robert's wish to move about from place to place. He tells him that his troubles will follow him around, wherever he goes. Yet, Jake is also guilty of travelling around whenever his mood needs lifting.

It is always easy to spot the mistakes others are making, but rarely easy to recognize it within ourselves.

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