In what respect is the ending of the story "The Guest," ironic?  What kind of irony is this?  What does it contribute to the meaning of the story?

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The protagonist of Camus's short story, Daru, who is French, but born in Algiers, is torn in his loyalties and his desire to not be involved in any conflicts. However, the irony is that in this inscrutable world of Daru, a time of Arab uprisings, it makes little difference what decision is made because actions are repeatedly misconstrued. Besides this, it is odd that when Daru walks with the prisoner freely, the Arab does not try to run or escape. Camus narrates,

Men who share the same room, soldiers or prisoners, develop a strange alliance if... they fraternized every evening, over and above their differences, in the ancient community of dream and fatigue.

Perhaps because they have fraternized so, Daru provides the...

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