What resources and social supports do elders need to age successfully?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The risks associated with aging are: social isolation, diminished mobility, health problems, and limited income/financial resources. Social services and community support systems can assist the elderly in each of these areas and can help individuals maintain a high quality of life as they age. Aging individuals need to stay socially connected to friends, family, and community members. Resources like community recreational centers, easily accessible public transportation, and community hospitality events such as picnics and outings help aging individuals remain socially connected.

Free and reduced-cost medical alarms provide quick, easy access to emergency services in case of falls or other mobility-related problems. Community health centers and a strong health care system for the elderly help individuals maintain good health as they age. Finally, reduced-cost housing and other housing options can help the elderly maintain the security of home ownership, even when they are no longer active in the workforce.

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