What is the resolution in Treasure Island?

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The resolution can be found in Part VI (or "Captain Silver") of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. After the climactic discovery that the treasure cache is empty and that Gunn had moved the treasure to his cave, the men spend a few days loading the treasure onto the ship. Before sailing back home, they unload the last three mutinous sailors, leaving them behind with supplies and ammunition. In need of more crew members, the ship docks at a port, and Silver makes his escape with a bag of coins in tow. Regardless, the ship sails back to Bristol, where the men divide the treasure and resume their lives. Although Jim realizes that there is more wealth to be found on Treasure Island, he is firm that he is unwilling to go on another trip to find it; apparently, one swashbuckling adventure was quite enough!

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The resolution of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island comes in the final chapter (Chapter XXXIV - And Last). Keeping a close eye on the three surviving mutineers, the men took the better part of a week transporting the gold to the Hispaniola. Leaving the mutineers a cache of supplies, the ship set sail for "the nearest port in Spanish America." On the first night there, Long John Silver disappeared for good--with a bag of coins worth "three or four hundred guineas." Adding a few new crew members, the Hispaniola set sail for Bristol, and the men safely returned to England--wealthier and wiser men.

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