What is the resolution to this story?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Towards the end of the story, a lot has happened, and some of the events remain unresolved. Bob is dead, stabbed by Johnny as he was defending Pony. Johnny also dies after sustaining injuries while trying to save the children trapped in the burning church. Dally is killed in what seems to be a suicide mission when he points an unloaded gun at police officers pursuing him.

In a positive move, the Socs truthfully testify before the court. They absolve Pony over Bob’s death and suggest that Johnny acted in self-defense. The conclusion of the case also provides Pony with an opportunity to accept that his best friend is dead. During the hearing, a different side of Dally, the Greasers, and the Socs is also presented, which reflects the failures of society in protecting and guiding the young.

Pony also learns that he has been mistaken about Darry and discovers that his brother loves him, which resolves the conflict between the brothers. Thus, the resolution to the story is not a single event but the conclusion of several conflicts.

mkcapen1 | Student

I could not really call it a resolution to the story with the exception of saying that the end of the story is really the beginning.  Pony Boy and Johnny are two friends that grow up in a poor white neighborhood.  They are a member of the gang called the Greasers.  Pony Boy is raised by his two older brothers since his parents had died in a car accident.  Johnny is his best friend and a favorite of the Greasers.  He is skittish and easily jumps because he has been beaten by his family and hurt by the rival rich kids called the Socs.

Pony Boy begins to write about the Greasers after Johnny dies from a fire while saving children.  Dallas, their friend and the local bad boy, goes crazy and sets himself up to be killed by the police.  In order to come to terms with the deaths and his experiences, Pony Boy begins to write about the Greasers as part of a homework assignment.  The resolution is the way the story begins as he sits down and starts writing the story about the Greasers.

ponyboywinston | Student

the letter given to ponyboy by johnny telling him to stay gold