What is the resolution in To Sir With Love?To Sir with Love by E. R. Braithwaite

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The resolution in To Sir With Love comes in the final chapter as shortly after Braithwaite's meeting with Gillian's parents, the District Youth Employment Officer visits the school, signalling the approaching graduation of the seniors.

With the Christmas dinner and the Senior party that follows, all the symbols of the commencement of an adult life for the students are in place.  Before she leaves to go home and dress up for the evening festivities Pamela approaches Mr. Braithwaite and asks him if he will dance with her that evening and also call her Pamela rather than Miss Dare.  He agrees provided there is "no jiving."

That evening, it is a "new, beautiful grown-up Pamela" who attends the festivities and dances with her teacher.  On the next morning, Friday, the class is quiet as some register for their futures.  Afterwards, "in a disinclination to let the moments go," Moira Joseph stands and thanks Mr. Braitwaite for all he done for the class, especially how he talked to them as though they were adults deserving of respect.  Then, Pamela approaches and gives their teacher a gift with a label reading "TO SIR, WITH LOVE."

Thus, the resolution of all the conflicts is effected as as a group the students recognize Mr. Braithwaite as a man deserving of their highest respect for having brought them to adulthood both psychologically and emotionally.