What is the resolution of "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?" What is the author's purpose of the story?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Roll of Thunder" was written by Milldred D. Taylor.  She states in the introduction that the reason for writing the book was, in someway, to honor her father.  She wanted to tell the history of her people.  She wanted to tell of the inequalities of the African-American people in Mississippi.  She wanted to show the hope which was seen in the resolution of the novel when white and black people worked together to put out the fire and save the crops. 

When "T.J. demonstrates his weakness by participating with the Simmses in an attempted robbery,"  a white man is killed.  The Simms boys put all the blame on T.J. and eventually he will be hunted down and the mob will try to lynch him.  Mr. Logan starts the fire in the fields to distract everyone.  The people join together to put out the fire which stops the lynching.  Things will go back to normal, eventually, but Cassie cries.  "I cried for T.J. For T.J. and the land."