What is the resolution of Nothing but the Truth?

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The resolution of Avi's Nothing But the Truth comes as the readers find out which path each of the main characters will take. For Miss Narwin, her path is one of suspension, of not being able to afford to go to a seminar that would help her to connect with younger students, and of feeling pushed out and mistreated. In Phillip Mallory's case, this means a transfer to a new school—one where he cannot pursue his passion for track and where he is forced to admit that he does not actually know the words to the National Anthem. This resolution is not a particularly happy one for either character, as they both end up on paths that take them farther away from their dreams.

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In Avi's novel Nothing But The Truth, the ending is not one that ties up all the loose ends; however, the resolution to Phillp Mallory's experience is a transfer to a new school. Phillip transfers to Washington Academy. This school is a private school, and the headmaster, George Brookover, tells Phillip that even though they don't have track, they do have soccer. He is assigned to Miss Rooney's homeroom, and when he arrives he is introduced to the class. Miss Rooney asks Phillip to lead the class in the National Anthem and he says, "I don't know the words."

How ironic that this whole thing started because Phillip insisted on humming the anthem in class, and yet, he doesn't even know the words to the song.

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