Little Women Questions and Answers
by Louisa May Alcott

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What is the resolution in Little Women?

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The resolution in a novel gives a sense of closure. The reader sees this closure at the end of Little Women. Amy marries Laurie and Jo marries Professor Bhaer. Aunt March dies, and Jo inherits her large home. Jo and the professor decide to turn the house into a school.

Earlier in the story, Jo had turned down Laurie's marriage proposal. This had left him devastated. It appears at this point in the novel that Jo may remain single. Later, she meets Professor Bhaer. They have much in common, and they become close friends. Meanwhile, Laurie goes to Europe. He meets Amy there and they fall in love.

Amy and Laurie get married. Jo is happy for Laurie and her sister. Professor Bhaer visits, and he proposes to Jo.

Aunt March passes away. The March family grieves her death. They are soon filled with gladness when they find out that Aunt March had "left Plumfield to Jo, which [makes] all sorts of joyful things possible" (Little Women, Chapter 47). Jo has no need for such a large house, so she and the professor decide to transform it into a school.

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