What is the resolution in The Giver?  

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The resolution of a story is when problems are solved and conflicts are resolved.  In The Giver, there are problems that are left unsolved and conflicts that are not resolved, and because of this there is not a clear resolution.

Jonas realizes several truths about his community.  One thing he discovers is that "release" means that a person is euthanized.  He finds out that this is about to happen to young Gabriel.  Jonas knows that the only way to save Gabriel is to rescue him and take him away from their community.  Jonas also knows that when he leaves, the memories he has been given by the Giver will "[escape] from his protection to return to the people of his community."

At the end of the story, Jonas and Gabriel find a village that is very different from their former home.  The story ends with them sledding down a hill toward the village, "where families created and kept memories."  The reader does not know what happens to the community when they receive the memories.  We do not know if the way of life changes in the community.  We also do not know if Jonas and Gabriel are well received in the village.  The resolution to the story is incomplete.