What is the resolution of Gary Schmidt's Okay for Now?

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One of the most important aspects of the resolution revealed in chapter 10 of Gary Schmidt's Okay for Now is that Doug has learned to face tribulations with courage and no longer feels terrified of life, especially of what the future will hold.

Doug's development of courage is especially revealed in his brave reaction towards Lil's cancer diagnosis. Though he is naturally torn up inside about the diagnosis—so torn up he can't help but cry when Mrs. Windermere asks about her. He also can't help but assure Lil that she'll beat the odds and be one of the "one in four" survivors. His newfound bravery is especially reflected as they watch Apollo 11 together on television in Lil's hospital room, with their heads toward the moon. As they watch Apollo 11, Doug can't help but relate himself and Lil to two Arctic terns, flying side by side, ready for the "next spectacular thing that's going to come into [their lives]."

Other minor resolutions include Lucas being given a job by Coach Reed, a job that will help pay for Christopher's college education to keep him out of the Vietnam War draft, and all charges of robbery against Christopher being dropped because their father confessed to his involvement with Ernie Eco in the robberies. A newfound sense of unity also seems to have been established among the Swieteck family due to the father's remorse.

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