Firegirl Questions and Answers
by Tony Abbott

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What is the resolution in Firegirl?

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Tom Bender is a deeply conflicted character. On the one hand, he wants to do the right thing. He feels sorry for Jessica and doesn't want to be yet another insensitive kid who shuns her over her serious disfigurement. At the same time, like any young adult, he wants to fit in. He himself is a bit of an outsider at school—which is why he's naturally drawn towards Jessica—and so the last thing he wants to do is make himself stand out by getting too close to the new girl.

In due course, however, the conflict is resolved. One day, Tom's on his way over to Jessica's place when his friend Jeff pulls up in a fancy car. Jeff wants Tom to get in; they'll go off and have fun together. But Tom makes a crucial decision: he decides not to get in the car, and goes to Jessica's place instead as originally planned. Tom has chosen Jessica over Jeff. In doing so, he's resolved his most significant internal conflict.

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