What is the resolution of The Book Thief?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The resolution of The Book Thief occurs at the very end of the novel when the narrator Death has come to important conclusions about the human race.  Liesel has lost everyone whom she has ever loved, and the ending scene of the bombing of Himmel Street shows the ultimate devastation of war and hatred.  Liesel is the only survivor, and although completely distraught, she manages to continue with her life.  She is eventually reunited with Max, and the reader assumes that the two have lived the rest of their lives together.  When it is time for Liesel to die, Death goes to her with a copy of the book and she asks him whether or not he has read it.  Upon admitting that he has, Death comes to the conclusion that he can never simply estimate people--Death suggests that he has much underestimated Liesel and her astonishing will to survive--a major theme in the novel.