What is the resolution for the book Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen?

The resolution of Flipped is when Bryce begins planting a tree in Juli's yard to prove his love for her.

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Flipped is a romantic comedy novel written by Wendelin Van Draanen about the two adolescents named Juli and Bryce. Juli spent years with a crush on Bryce. When Bryce is finally interested, Juli is afraid. If you are asking about the resolution, then you are asking about the specific part of the plot after the climax (when Bryce tries to kiss Juli) and after the falling action (when Juli decides to avoid Bryce as a result of the "almost-kiss"). The resolution is the part of the plot when the conflicts are resolved and any loose ends are tied up. The resolution is the conclusion to the story. In short, the resolution of the story is about the possible continuation of Bryce and Juli's relationship. The resolution happens when Bryce begins planting a tree in Juli's yard (with Juli's father's permission). After Juli gets over the fact that Bryce is ruining her grass, Juli is surprised and pleased that Bryce has chosen to prove his love by planting a sycamore tree. Juli decides it is "time to meet [Bryce] in the proper light."

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